About me

Author of The Mild Goosechase, content strategist, skateboarder, pianist, technologist, privacy + security enthusiast, linux fan, photographer, Chicago native, Tacoma, WA resident, systems thinker, designer, and genuinely curious friend.

Ahoy, my name is Drew. I’m curious, tell me–

What question do you love to ask?

Here’s why.

Professional puberty hit me hard in 2010 and I was making the rounds to various offices across town for meetups. It struck me that networking at these events seemed more like a business card bazaar than an opportunity to actually meet people.

Thinly-veiled questions could sneak out ways you might be useful to your conversation companion. But of course that goes both ways…Other times it’s like trying to gulp a water bottle that contains only drops.

But, there’s always another way.

I schemed a plan.

I turned to TED talks and RSA talks and Wikipedian rabbit holes. I collected ideas and learned as little as I could about a lot.

Could a passing familiarity with more make for more interesting or different kinds of connections?

Influencing serendipity—trying to make more interesting connections in this way, it turns out, really only needs a couple good questions and an open ear.

But it wasn’t so easy figuring that out.

Everything was interesting. Anything can be interesting. Curiosity is a risky gambit. — Or perhaps it isn’t.

Collecting ideas won’t cure conversational ailments but learning broadly pays off massively in unexpected ways. That’s what this blog is about.

I think Men In Black shows it best.

Listen well, you might discover a new marble.

The question I love to ask is, what question haven’t I asked yet?

Welcome to the Mild Goosechase!

What question do you love to ask?

About Drew Rose

I discovered marketing in 2007. But I’m not sure I’ve ever identified as a marketer.

Systems, people, and technology fascinate me and marketing is a great application of all those interests.

You could call me a content strategist though. I spend much of my time thinking about better ways to connect with clients and customers to grow businesses and brands.

And some day you can call me an entrepreneur. But I’m happy creating from within right now.

There’s opportunity everywhere you look. Then there’s doing something about it.

Some things I’m proud of

Founded AfterSkating.com (2009-2011)

Afterskating.com shared stories about skateboarders working both in and outside the industry to ease the transition from full-time skateboarder to adult responsibilities. It highlighted the amazing effects skateboarding has on people and their abilities to think, connect, and work to make a positive mark on the world.

Panelist at Social Media Week Chicago (2012)

Thank you to my dear friend, Colleen, for the opportunity.

Social Media Week Chicago 2012 Group

Guest lecturer on marketing at Tacoma, WA public high school (2018)

Thank you to my amazing friend, Ben, for the opportunity.

Choose one threatened or endangered organism, conservation issue, or human rights issue.

Create an awareness campaign centered on marketing, journalism, tourism, or protection of areas that will benefit your organism or issue. Alternately, you can jump in with an already-existing campaign, and explain what you will be doing additionally to help with their measures. You will create/film/build/perform/etc. an artifact from your campaign to present to the staff and peers at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium and Miniterm Showcase.

Drew Rose guest lecturing at Tacoma, WA Highschool

I helped the students think through building awareness campaigns with the fundamentals of marketing. Such fun!