I’ve been neglecting my camera for a while. Figured it was time to go for a photo walk. I went with my more familiar street terrain this time rather than hit the always beautiful water and mountain views.

I also felt like I should know this city a bit better by now than I do. Most trips are by car or bus here so it’ll be good to use the ‘ol feet. Though the bus was mighty useful for getting to the initial destination.

First stop: First Ave/ Lander St. in SoDo

The Starbucks Center building was constructed in 1912 by the Union Pacific Railroad in a successful attempt to lure Sears, Roebuck and Co. to Seattle.

The building was known as the SoDo Center as of 1990 until 1997 when Starbucks renamed it.

Do people still call it the SoDo Center the way we Chicagoans still refer to the Sears Tower? Pretty sure no one knows what the Sears Tower is actually called now…

Filson has some serious history in this town. They supplied gold prospectors with gear in the 1890s are still around making nice stuff.

The Mariners were in the 4th inning when I walked by. They beat the Toronto Blue Jays 6-3.

I was pretty close buying a ticket and going in. It was hot out and I was thinking about The Sandlot. Maybe next time.

Pioneer Square

Good Vibes Park in Pioneer Square

I’ll never understand outdoor table tennis. The park was really nice though.

King Street Station
Cool Building

Chinatown/International District

There was a big chess game goin on.

Capital Hill

35th North Skateshop

Vancouver used to be a mythical place with great skateboarding in a land far, far away.


That tree reminds me of Christmas in Rockefeller Center

A look into and over Pike Place Market


“Google Me” – Fast Life Robbie

Lower Queen Anne

As of July 2018, 65 colossal metal appendages have made Seattle crane capital of the US for the third year in a row. Chicago is #2 with 40. Though according to the Seattle Times:

Seattle still pales in comparison to the type of construction going on in other parts of the world. Dubai has an unbelievable 1,182 cranes while Sydney has 346. In North America, Toronto leads with 97 cranes.

Source: Seattle tops the nation in tower cranes for third straight year as construction reaches new peak/Seattle Times
Seattle’s beloved version of McDonalds

I’ll give’em credit for the shakes.

There’s a Mr. Rogers documentary that’s playing right now. Supposed to be good!

West Seattle

Made it to West Seattle for a jam sesh with the boys.

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